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American / Interstate Signcrafters is a family owned and operated business with more than 150 employees dedicated to producing quality signage products and delivering #AmazingProjectManagement. 

We are always on the lookout for sales professionals with signage or related contract construction experience.

If you are an independent manufacturer's rep or experienced sales agent, we want to hear form you.


I'm Interested.

Partners In Profit

Our strategy is freedom and support that enables top reps to develop high value relationships in exclusive territory.


Ownership Mentality

Our reps are independent business people. We look to enable your success, but you own the customer relationship and results.



Our line is exceptionally diverse. We seek reps that are equally versatile in dealing with owners, GCs, and architects alike.


Look It Over

Take your time and look over our agreements. Do your own due diligence and be prepared to answer a few basic questions.


Feel the Love

We’re happy to provide recommendations from long time customers, as well as make our staff available to answer any questions. We want you to understand the depth and commitment of the organization that stands behind you and our product.


No Pirates

We will not tolerate any representative who does not conduct themselves in accordance with our organizational values and standards.


Operations and fabrication that are focused on delivering your sale.

  1. Reliable, high-quality work
    Three UL Certified Factories.

  2. 100% operational and staff support
    Six Sigma Driven Processes, all-staff are all-in.

  3. 100% transparency
    Up-to-the-minute lead & prospect reports.

  4. Fair contracts, competitive commissions
    Long-term commitment to a fair and competitive rate.

  5. Amazing Project Management Support
    30+ person, MBA Led, PMP Certified Project Managers.


Not for the inexperienced, nor for small projects or programs.

  1. Regional Leaders
    If you deal with a regional leader regularly.

  2. National Accounts
    If you deal with a national purchasing division.

  3. Campus-Type Projects
    If you bid on multi-location projects.

  4. Large Scope, Large Volume
    If your bids involve large scale and scope.

  5. Major Program / Projects
    If your transactions are cyclical, year-after-year.
We're looking for experienced reps who mirror our core that you?

Lisa Johnson

Sr. Vice President


A Growing Group

American / Interstate Signcrafters is a national sign manufacturing and project management company. We have factories in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. All factories are UL certified. We are under contract in 11 countries on four continents. We are LEED certified, PMI Certified, and AIA accredited. Our 30+ person project management team is led by an MBA. We have an in-house architect, code research team, and bi-lingual permitting specialist. We self-perform in all 50 states. 

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